We use Emotional AI and emerging technologies to facilitate communication between the vehicle and the driver (or pilot). Over the past decade, there has been decreasing interest in applying emerging technologies to enhance driver safety. However, we adopt a multi-disciplinary approach, combining neuroscience, engineering, mathematics, and simulation to address the challenge of transportation accidents and develop innovative solutions.


Kilmanger Group Inc uses the power of AI to prevent accidents.  


The combination of AI and 5G offers significant potential for establishing robust communication and interaction among vehicles, operators, and the operational environment.

Kilmangero's smart seat collaborates with the driver to enhance decision-making capabilities.

Accident Protection:

Going beyond conventional safety measures, our technology incorporates predictive algorithms and real-time monitoring systems. It continually assesses the surrounding environment, identifies potential hazards, and proactively takes measures to prevent accidents. Whether navigating through bustling urban streets or cruising at high altitudes, our system acts as a vigilant safety companion.

Driver Cognition:

Understanding the pivotal role of driver cognition in ensuring safety, our technology utilizes sophisticated tools such as computer vision and artificial intelligence. By continuously monitoring the driver's physiological and emotional state, it assesses cognitive load, fatigue levels, and stress indicators. This real-time analysis enables the system to provide timely alerts, recommend breaks, or even intervene if compromised cognitive abilities are detected, significantly enhancing overall driving safety.


Comfort for the Driver:

Acknowledging the importance of a comfortable driving experience, our technology considers various parameters to ensure driver well-being. The intelligent seat system dynamically adjusts based on the driver's preferences, offering personalized comfort. From ergonomic seat adjustments to climate control features, the system aims to create a conducive and comfortable driving environment, contributing to both safety and driver satisfaction.

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